A Book Recommendation for You

I just finished reading "The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money" by Carl Richards. If you're looking for one book about money to read in 2017 (or sooner), I recommend this one. You can find it on Amazon or most other places you find books. Carl is known for his "Sketch Guy" drawings in the New York Times. In this book, he tackles financial planning from a very practical perspective. He understands human nature and how it relates to money better than just about any finance author you'll read. 

This book is not meant to make you a stock-picking-guru nor does it peddle generic rules of thumb with little applicability to your specific situation in life. It is about having your finances fit your life. So if you need another book to put on your reading list or are looking for a gift idea this Christmas, here's a great option.

And of course, this testimonial is completely free. I don't know the author nor was I asked to promote this (awesome) book.

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