Are you a fiduciary?

Yes, as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, OFP acts as a fiduciary to our clients in all aspects of our relationship.

How does OFP get paid?

OFP is paid exclusively by our clients. We are “fee-only” meaning that we receive no commissions from financial companies based on our recommendations.

What are OFP's fees?

Comprehensive Financial Planning is offered for a flat fee based on a clients complexity. We will provide you a specific quote after our Introductory Meeting. Our minimum fee is $1,800 per year with a separate up-front fee of $500 to start the financial planning process.

Can you give a ballpark of what my fee might be?

Typically the fee for financial planning will be 1% of a household income plus 0.50% of a household’s net worth. This is an approximation and your actual fee may be less or greater depending upon your needs and the complexity of your financial plan.

If I engage OFP for Comprehensive Financial Planning, do you charge separately for managing my investments?

No, your one flat fee covers all financial planning and investment management services. There is no separate asset-based fee common among other financial firms.

Why doesn’t OFP charge an asset based fee for financial planning?

We wanted to remove the conflict of interest of basing our compensation on where your assets are managed. We will manage your investments to the extent that is best for your financial plan. You are our client, not your portfolio.

I don’t want financial planning. Can OFP still help me with my investments?

Typically, no. We may take on clients to solely manage their investments where there is a unique circumstance but this is not our primary business.

I can’t afford Comprehensive Financial Planning. Can you still help me?
OFP also offers financial planning on an hourly basis for $225/hour which is an option if Comprehensive Financial Planning isn’t a good value for you at this time.

Can you help me with my taxes?

OFP does not prepare tax returns for clients and is not an accounting firm. However, we will review a tax return as part of the financial planning process and include tax considerations in our financial planning advice.

I have another question.

Send Patrick an email at and ask away. We look forward to hearing from you.