Investing for future goals such as children's college, retirement, or a dream vacation is an important part of a financial plan. Get the confidence that comes with knowing you have a professionally developed investment portfolio.

Ortman Financial Planning provides fee-only investment management. This means we receive no commissions and have no incentive to recommend one investment strategy over another. You are our priority.

What's Included:

  • Determine appropriate asset allocation
  • Professional portfolio construction and recommendations based on unbiased research of investment options
  • Focus on low cost investment options.
  • Regular re-balancing of accounts
  • Access to online tools that allow you to view all of your accounts in one place

Fee: Investment Management is included at no additional cost as part of the Comprehensive Financial Planning program.

Investment Management is offered as a stand-alone service under the following fee schedule:

IM Fee Schedule.JPG

For more information and full details on the Investment Management program, please see Item 4 of the Form ADV.